I’m Slowly Dying from Flu (just kidding)

*written Friday, 1-20-2017*

Hey guys! I’m back…after a couple of unexpected trips for work and an even more unexpected illness. I had influenza AND a sinus infection and I was literally withering away for the past week. Now I feel a bit better, which means I don’t feel like dying – or murdering people – anymore.

*coughs dramatically*

Anyway, I’m a person who CAN’T stay still at home. As soon as I realized that I don’t feel dizzy anymore every time I stood up and I don’t puke my guts out every couple hours or so, I headed out. And here I am!

“Here” means a café pretty near home. Still, it’s the outside! With people! Where I can hear other things aside from the echoing of my own coughing, which was depressing as fuck. I’m developing a slight headache, meaning I have to head home pretty soon, but for now I will stay here and draft this post. It probably won’t get posted until next week, but whatever. At least I got a head start!

I know I have another post scheduled, but I’m feeling chatty right now so this will have to do. Deal with it! It’s not every day I voluntarily talk to people, after all. 😛
I’ve had a not-very-anti-consumerist morning, which is now starting to make me feel bad about myself. First of all, to celebrate my taste buds returning to active duty and the cease of my appetite from its self-imposed hiatus, I went to McDonalds. Ordered chicken, fries, apple pie, Coke Zero. Not very pre-diabetic friendly, but I wanted to eat!

Yeah, well, I managed to finish exactly ¼ of my food. I tried to force myself to eat, but it was either force-feed myself or puke, so I just left. Food wasted. Damn it, Jen!
On the other hand, at least I didn’t indulge too much in carbs because if I did, my doctor will have a field day giving me his predictions of my impending diabetes-filled doom.

I then went to the mall. I ended up with a microwaveable lunch container, a mesh laundry bag, a black wallet, a bottle of black hair dye, a spill-proof glass bottle, and a tablet sleeve with a keyboard.

Before you start laughing at me and accusing me of not staying true to my anti-consumption principles, let me defend myself:

The lunch box and water bottle will allow me to bring lunch to work. I won’t have to buy from fast food places every day anymore! The water bottle will kick my ‘going out of bubble tea’ habit. I can just bring my own drinks to work.

The laundry bag is self-explanatory, so I won’t even mention that. The wallet is a plain and minimalist one, and I intend to keep it simple and clean and not crammed with cards and receipts like my previous one. The black hair dye is because I want black hair again but I’m too lazy to return to my regular hair place (hi, David’s Salon in Walter Mart).

The keyboard and sleeve is for the purpose of minimizing my gadgets! I posted this photo on IG last week explaining my intentions of digital and electronic minimalism. I travel a lot, so instead of bringing multiple gadgets with me, I’ll be smart and bring only my tablet! That way, I can get my work stuff done AND play games.


I recommend getting a dual-boot tablet for this purpose, so you can use either Window or Android operating systems to suit your needs. Instead of bringing a tablet and laptop with its battery packs and cords, etc., when I travel I can now pack lighter and just bring my tablet.

So what is the point of this post, you might ask?

I think my minimalism journey is more about my penchant for efficiency. The more I downsize, the more I discovery that I don’t really need as much stuff to survive. I can either find something to suit multiple purposes or simply just do without. And the more I’m realizing this, the more consumerist baggage I shed, the happier I feel.

I’m still so new to this whole thing, but I’m sure that I’m getting it right, one step at a time. 🙂